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Terms & Services

This is for anyone purchasing an art by commission.

General Terms

  1. I have the right to turn down a request for any reason.

  2. Prices are subject to change due to demand. You will be notified when this happens.

  3. Your price will not change in mid commission unless it is due to changes made by your doing or shipping.


  1. A commission is either to be payed up front in full or Half before and half after sketch approval.

  2. Current Currency accepted is USD and can be paid through pay pal.

  3. No payment is made before I ask you.

Process and Delivery

  1. Commission Can take 1 week to 5 months depending on Health, Type, Complexity, Other work, and Wait List.

  2. Once a piece is finished I will send you either a picture( if traditional) or File (If Digital). If you got a traditional piece, the piece will be shipped to you. 

  3. Shipping is subject to change due to outside forces.


  1. Before I begin working on your piece I will send you several Thumbnails and then from there a Finalized Sketch.

  2. At Final Sketch you have 3 last chances to make any revisions.

  3. If any revision after Final Sketch are made there will be a surcharge. The surcharge is based off of hourly rate.

Cancellation and Refund

  1. All Sales are final.

Copyright and Usage

I Jaclyn ( the Artist):

  • Reserve the right to Cancel or refund the order at anytime for any reason.

  • I retain the copyrights over the commission artwork.

  • I do Not claim the Intellectual Property(IP) of other peoples characters or ideas commissioned artwork.

  • I will not profit further from the commission unless you the customer breaks any of the terms.

  • I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online in my gallery and social media.

You ( the customer/commissioner):

  • may upload the artwork on websites and social media.

  • will Not alter the commissioned artwork without the artist's consent.

  • may NOT make profits from the Commissioned work. (Reselling, redistributing uploading to POD service, Make Prints etc.)

  • retain the rights to the Intellectual Property

  • May Not use the commissioned artwork for commercial work.

The Following is considered Copyright infringement

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially-means making money off the work in anyway not excluded from these terms.

  • Claiming the Artwork as your own.

  • Altering the artwork without the artist consent

What you get out of this.

  • Thumbnails black and white and/or colored that you choose from to be picked for the final sketch.

  • Final Sketch to be approved before work begins.

  • Full file emailed. (files in png) if digital. Traditional work will be mailed to you.

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