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Traditional Art

Here as the name states is art made traditionally. I offer Acrylic Paintings, Ink, Charcoal, Glass Paintings, and Clay work.

Below each category is a description and starting price.

Each category can change in price do to size, special effects, or amount of subjects.

Sizes can range from 6x6 to 20x30.

Special Effects include: Glitter, Glow in the Dark, and Metallic. $2.00 per effect.

Paintings that has more than 2 subjects has a $5.00 charge per character.

Shipping and Taxes not included.

S.B. = Simple Background

C.B. = Complex Background

Stylized Acrylic

Temporary Art

Temporary Art

Realistic Acrylic

Temporary Art

Temporary Art

Temporary Art


Order Form

Fill out this form to put a request in for a custom piece. I will get back with you to go over details. Then I will provide you a sketches to choose from . Once a sketch is approved then I will begin on the piece. Please read the Terms and Services before you order.


Currently out of open slots. Email to discuss being put on a waiting list.

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